Sex, Gender, and Law (Feminist Legal Studies)

Topic: LLB: Sex, Gender, and Law Unit
‘Notwithstanding significant changes in recent decades in the nature and extent of women’s participation in paid labour, the social organisation of work continues to reflect a sexual division of labour’.

The word count should not exceed a maximum of 2,000 words and should not fall below 1,900 words (NOT including footnotes, title, and references) and should be in MS Word format. Referencing should be done Harvard style, with the in text citations being placed in the footnotes. References should be within the range of 20-25.
The essay should draw upon the specific question provided and not deviate from it. Draw information from BOTH:
. the whole unit syllabus of 10 seminars and their reading (provided in the attached document called: Unit Syllabus)
. detailed INDEPENDENT research which should include concepts, examples, justifications, case law (with judgements and dissents mentioned), scholarly reports, and most importantly their analysis

The essay should be written while keeping in mind that it should be from LAW’s perspective and is going to be submitted to a highly ranked and detail-oriented university.

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