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please refer to order number 81686985 for the attachments and the history of the order

this is a resit work, so we need to work on my previous work. so the writer will update the final work that been done by your site based on the professor feedback.

I will attach your final work , marking criteria, the subject description and below is my professor feedback that needs to be updated in your final previous final work documents (81686985).


if the writer feels that he will need additional pages to add , he can asked us and we will pay for the extra pages, main thing to meet the professor expectation.

I paid for the top writer , please select one of your best writers who knows management works very well.

ive selected 29 references to add, as I know that the writer needs to delete many parts and to add others , so a total of 40 and above references is require for the whole project , please make sure that at the end the writer will remove from the reference list the removed writers from the content. a very good references is required .

the professor feedback is :

please note that all the required documents is attached with the previous order such as the marking guidance , the dissertation details , good example from previous students , and the excel sheet of the gant chart on order 81686985

below is my professor feedback about the dissertation and I only have 5 days more for the modification. main thing is to meet his requirement as the main thing is to pass.

this is my professor feedback

. I have read through and have the following comments for you to work on:
· You are providing a lot of information but the structure of the work is still weak and is not following the marking scheme. You need to structure the work in the following format;
o Aims and Objectives
o Supporting Evidence
o Methodology
o Contribution
· The Objectives that you have identified are too broad at the moment as 1 & 2 are more about general development of apps. The third objective is better and should be the focus of the report. The purpose of the client work is to find out how the app would need to be developed and whether this can be achieved within the company. By covering more general material on apps you are missing the company focus – the study is essentially a product development study
· Sections 4, 5 & 6 are not really relevant to the Client’s needs as they are covering general issues around software – not how is the company to develop the app
· The structure that you have used makes it difficult to follow the models covered.
o Stakeholder mapping is good but you need to provide more explanation of how it is to be used in this study – not just examples of how it as been used elsewhere (though these are helpful as evidence of the relevance of the model)
o SWOT is a summary device so would be part of the conclusion to the report, feeding off the previous models that have been used
o As the client is looking to consider the ability to develop the app in-house then some form of Cost/benefit analysis is needed in the work so you should explore tools that are used in this type of evaluation
· The Gantt is a good start but will need to be changed as you develop the models in the work. Also, it should be in Section 4 – Methodology, not at the start. You need to clearly discuss the models in Section 3 – Supporting Evidence first for this chart to make sense to the Client.
· There is no clear Contribution section so this needs to be developed for the final report. Remember, this section is to show the value of YOUR methods in this work so the Client can see why they should pick your study
There are a number of things that you need to work on for the final report to be strong enough to pass and please contact me if there are any further questions that I can answer.

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