Sociological Foundations

In this task I will select a media article to appraise from the sociological perspective.
Topic: Socialisation and social interaction.

(600 words)
1-a brief introduction with a link to your selected media article
2-an appraisal of the article from a sociological perspective
3-supporting evidence from appropriate academic sources with citations according to Harvard referencing

4-When preparing your appraisal, consider the following prompts:
-What social and cultural issues are represented in the media article/discussion/commentary?
-What is my current point of view about this issue?
-What sociological ideas and concepts does this issue relate to?
-Whose interest is the media piece serving?
-What are the underlying structures and social patterns at work in the discussion of the issue?
-What are the various ways that this issue can be interpreted?

More details provided in assignment overview:

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