solution to conflict proposal

prepare a 2,000-word proposal for a research project that would contribute to the critical analysis of ONE of the following aspects of peacemaking:• Military intervention

i want the topic to be about the intervention in iraq year 2003

The proposal must incorporate the following sections:
a) Review of the literature: what are the key debates in the field? Who are the key authors? What kinds of theoretical frameworks underlie these key debates?
b) Research Question: what question could you investigate that would advance the existing debate in this field?
c) Data: what sources of data are available? How would you collect data – qualitative or quantitative? What kinds of problems might you face in data collection on this topic?

as long as they address the three areas: a) the question and its significance, b) the literature review and associated debates, and c) the data; and that they formulate a question (i.e. a proposal), not an answer (i.e. an essay).

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