Sonia Sotomayor

Paper details:
Assignment 3 ( just like assignment 1 i will need a title page)

Outline your Justice’s judicial philosophy and ideology. How do they describe their view of the Constitution and the role of a judge? What do their votes on the Court suggest about their policy

preferences? Discuss their most important Supreme Court opinions and how they illustrate this philosophy. What landmark decisions, if any, did they author the majority opinion for? Have they

authored any significant dissents and/or concurrences? What do these opinions show about their ideology or legal philosophy? Summarize their role on the Court and importance as a Justice. What

areas of the law did they have a particular influence on? How successfully did they interact with their colleagues? What is their legacy as a Justice?. You must write at least 2 pages, double

spaced, Times New Roman or simlar font. You must include a separate title page, and a separate list of references at the end (neither of these counts towards the page requirement – you must have at

least two full pages of actual text).

You must consult at least two sources outside of the textbooks (Wikipedia does not count as a source!). Any references used must be properly cited (see for

guides to different citation styles. You may use any style, provided you remain consistent throughout your assignment. Sources used must be cited both within the body of your paper where they have

been consulted, including page numbers if the source is a book, and in the list of references at the end of the paper).

See the Course Documents section for more information on Assignment 3.

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