STEM Scholarship – Campus

A. Mission Statement
The STEM Scholarship is designed to encourage and develop future international professionals seeking careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Through the STEM Scholarship program, eligible participants may receive up to $5,000 toward the tuition of their Full Sail University STEM campus degree program.

B. Awards

The STEM Scholarship program will award up to $5,000 to eligible campus degree program candidates. This scholarship fund is limited and will be awarded to all applicants who meet the eligibility requirements according to the award determination process outlined below.

C. Minimum Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for consideration, those applying for a STEM Scholarship must:

• Be a non-US citizen or nonpermanent resident, as defined by Full Sail University

• Complete this application and an original 250-word essay on How My Full Sail Education Will Prepare Me for a STEM Career: STEM careers will be key to revitalizing innovation and creativity in an increasingly competitive global environment. Communicate what a Full Sail University STEM education means to you and how you will pursue your career once you graduate. What do you hope to achieve professionally with the skills you acquire while earning your degree?

D. How to Apply

• Read this application thoroughly and complete the required information below.

• Complete and save the original 250-word essay as a PDF or Word document.

• The STEM Scholarship application and essay must be submitted to the Full Sail University Scholarship Committee prior to the desired start date.

• Attach the essay by using the attachment feature and submit the completed scholarship application or:

Attn: Admissions

E. Award Determination

• Applicants’ essays will be evaluated by a scholarship committee on the following criteria: originality, composition, clarity, and relevance to the topic. Essays judged outstanding will be awarded.

• Recipients will be notified by the Admissions department prior to beginning their degree program, provided the above eligibility requirements are met.

• The scholarship amount awarded will be disbursed throughout student’s academic years, divided equally between semesters as applicable.

F. Provisions

• Applicants must have conducted a formal interview with their Admissions representative.

• Applicants must have applied to Full Sail University for a start date of April 4, 2016 or later.

• Applicants must have applied for one of the following immersive STEM campus degree programs: Cloud Technologies, Game Design, Game Development, Mobile Development, Simulation & Visualization, Software Development, or Web Design & Development.

• Applicants must have met the entrance requirements for the desired Full Sail University campus degree program.

• A change of degree program, interruption of training, or withdrawal may result in cancellation of scholarship award and disbursement. Student understands that a change of student status may impact eligibility.

• Students who delay their start date may forfeit eligibility.

• The STEM Scholarship may be used with most other Full Sail University scholarship programs.

• Funds from the STEM Scholarship may only be used toward the tuition of a Full Sail University campus degree program.

• The scholarship is nontransferable and has no redeemable cash value.

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