Strength & Conditioning Program for the Elderly

Final Project Instructions

After completing the 5 assignments, you must select a population and write an outline for a strength and conditioning program (your program must be at least 12 weeks). Once approved by the professor, students will design the specific training program. The training program requirements are below.

Training Program Requirements

The following should be included in your scientific rationale for your program:


Identify the need for creating a program, why are you writing this program?
You may identify your population here

What is the overall purpose of the entire program?
State your population
Movement analysis

Just like your biomechanical assessment lab
What movements are associated with your population?
Physiological analysis

What are the energy requirements of your population?
Be specific to positions if your population is a team sport
Nutrition Factors

Briefly address caloric demands
Talk about nutrient timing
Identify any special needs
Injury analysis

Identify the major and minor injuries associated with your population
Special concerns

Does your population have special needs (hypertension, diabetes, orthopedic etc.)
Training status

Define the training level of your population (Need to Make Some Assumptions)
How many years have they trained?
High school, college division, pro, 50 year-old non-athlete, etc.
Physical testing and evaluation

What aspects will be evaluated?
Primary resistance training goal

What is the goal of your strength training program?
Test selection and administration

What tests will be used to evaluate your population and why?
Be specific
Program design

Stick with training goal and include

Warm-up and stretching

Identify the warm-up and stretching you will be utilizing for your population, be specific.

What type (if any) of agility training will be utilized and why?

What type (if any) of plyometric training will be utilized and why?
Resistance training program

Briefly describe your strength training program.
The meat of this should be in a table or chart and should include:
Exercise selection
Choice, frequency, order
Rest periods
Identify variations

Refer back to your Physiological analysis
What will you do to train all the energy systems?
What energy systems are needed the most?
Program application

Describe how your program should be followed
Be very detailed here, this should explain all your charts and or tables

Why did you create this program? Follow up from introduction
Justify (using science and research) your reasoning for doing what you’re doing
This should include the majority of your references

What does your program do for this population?
Why is your program better than any other program?
Make a powerful and concise conclusion

Be sure that you can scientifically defend your program using the book and other supporting literature. In your scientific rationale, think if you were trying to sell your program to a coach, player, individual, or a potential employer, as THE BEST PROGRAM for your population.

Supporting literature for the training program should be from primary sources and your book; typically websites and magazine articles are not acceptable references. However, if the website is reputable and is the only location for the information, then websites are appropriate. Additionally, if a website is cited to support “someone’s position” on a topic this is also appropriate. For instance, if the published a statement on creatine then this website is acceptable, but if Joe Smith from (does not exist) publishes a statement on creatine, this is not acceptable. However, if you want to say something like “many illinformed people think that creatine causes kidney failure in healthy adults” and then cite Joe Smith from, this would also be appropriate. If you are unclear whether you can use a reference you should contact your professor.

Students must use proper American Psychological Association (APA) format for citations in text (including direct quotes) and provide an APA formatted reference list.

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