symptomology assignment

– 5 page maximum
– basically, the writer is going to pretend that he/she is a practicing nutritionist…who is interviewing a client for the first time…
– the goal is to have this fictional client complete a survey (which i will upload) and then interpret this survey through a five page report–primarily through an analysis of the nutritional elements behind the client’s main symptoms (i.e., addressing, through nutrition, the reason why they are in pain/suffering/getting help)
– the report will be based both on the “results” of this fictional survey, and information from a symptomatology textbook. i will also upload this textbook
– an exemplar for the case study (page number listed below) needs to be followed (almost copied) very closely…in terms of sections…word usage…length, etc..
– a suggestion might be to work backwards from a symptom from the textbook (such as, say, menopausal symptoms) and THEN create a fictional client survey to match those symptoms–and create the report ultimately using the information from the textbook on that (menopausal) section.
– no quoting/citing is needed (obviously) as you will be able to tell from the exemplar
– detailed instructions for case study assignment can be found starting on page 45 of uploaded symptomatology textbook…please read these instructions carefully, as i think it will make doing the assignment easier/clearer
– the case study exemplar can be found starting on page 65 of same textbook
– i can do title page

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