The Disease Model

2-3 pages excluding the title page and resource
instruction on the disease model
case study 5

Marcus Jones is a 15–year–old African American male who lives with his mother, grandmother and two siblings. His love of video games is now interfering with his school performance.
Demographics and Comorbidity
15–year–old African American male, attends high school, an intelligent “nerd” who prefers social isolation and selected cyber friends to community friends who might pick on him.
Sociocultural Factors
Lives with mother and grandmother and two younger siblings at home in a poor neighborhood, no family transportation, buses to school, mother works long hours outside home to provide for family, father absent and has history of drug addiction and arrest and incarceration due to his addictive behavior. Forced participation in local Baptist church with family.
Addiction History
Discovered Internet games when family obtained first computer capable of gaming when client was 12 years old. Mother sees client as her one child who can be successful in life and has encouraged his computer skills and competitive video gaming. Client has been gaming for longer hours over the last three years and enjoys the success from online gaming competition.
Treatment History
Despite being called a “gaming addict” by some peers and relatives, he has had no previous treatment history for addictive behavior.
Reason for Seeking Treatment
Academic performance has suffered significantly due to excessive Internet video gaming and staying up late playing online with limited sleep. High school guidance counselor intervened and recommended seeking help for video gaming addiction.

• The Disease Models
• The Disease Models Scoring Guide.
• Addiction Case Studies.
For this assignment, imagine you are a counselor working in a disease model treatment program. Select one of the case studies you were introduced to in the last unit. The person in your selected case study will represent the “client” who is seeking help from your program.
Assignment Instructions
Complete the following sections for this assignment:
• Introduction—In this section of the paper:
o Identify the client from the case study and briefly summarize the client’s demographic characteristics and addictive behavior history that are relevant to the disease models of addiction. This section sets the stage for the next sections.
• Applications of Disease Models—In this section:
o Apply your understanding of the disease models of addiction to your client. Do client demographics and history suggest that your client suffers from a disease of addiction? Based on your interpretation, what disease model treatment strategies might you recommend for this client?
• Sociocultural Factors and the Disease Models—Finally, in the last section:
o Describe how sociocultural factors (“medicalization” of addictions through diagnoses, medical treatment, pharmacotherapy, genetic influences, brain scans, and media portrayal of addictions) may affect the client’s perception of the problem and the addictive behavior.
o Describe factors that may contribute to the addictive behavior as well as factors that may be helpful in overcoming the addiction from the perspective of the disease models of addiction.
Assignment Requirements
• Length: The paper should be 2–3 pages, excluding the title page and resources page.
• References: Throughout your paper, apply relevant research findings from scholarly literature using in-text citations to support your reasoning. Include references for each of your citations in a separate reference page at the end of your paper,

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