The Feast at Lele

Attend a cultural event that is related to a culture or ethnic group that is different from your own. Then write a two page reflection paper in which you include the following:

*A description of the event
*What you learned about the culture from participating, and your reaction to the experience.

Papers must be based on something experienced THIS semester. Families, children and significant others are also encouraged to attend this experience with you.
Logistics: Papers must be at least two pages long, include documentation and be based upon something that you experienced this semester.

Event Chosen:

My wife and I went to Maui for a week, to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. While there, we attended an event called “Feast as Lele”. It a luau that takes it’s members on a musical and culinary journey to Hawai`i, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa. This is the even I wish this paper to be about. Here are some links with details:

Paper must be two pages long, and address include three references. I included a sample research paper that shows the right format. No abstract needed.

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