The Fog of War

You will need to view the required video, The Fog of War, to do it. You should also familiarize yourself with enough of the history of the Iraq or Afghanistan war to be able to apply McNamara’s lessons.
Choose any two of Robert McNamara’s 11 lessons and apply each to either the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan. You may use same war to illustrate both lessons. Or you may choose Iraq for one lesson and Afghanistan for the other. That’s up to you.

Short Essay #2
In the video, “The Fog of War,” Robert McNamara talks about the political and ethical lessons he learned during his long career, including the Vietnam War. McNamara cites 11 lessons. Please choose any two of the lessons and explain how they could have been applied to the war in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Two Short Essays
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• Quality of research
• Degree to which assignment answers questions posed in the instructions
• Conciseness and clarity of argument
• Identification of key themes and issues
• Clear introduction (with thesis statement)
• Correct grammar and spelling
• Well written – clarity, precision, conciseness, proper use of the language, absence of repetition, freedom from spelling and grammatical errors
• Presentation of research evidence to support argument
• Strong conclusion

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