The KSA of an Advocate.

Refer to the Advocacy in the Human Services required text. Brainstorm (either synchronously or asynchronously) on the following items below.

1. Collectively determine and describe a situation where an advocate would be needed in the human services profession.

2.What is the problem and what are the goals?

3. Discuss and outline the specific situation or environment where the advocate will be working, who the advocate will be interacting with, and anything else that impacts the advocate while seeking out a solution to the problem.

4. What knowledge, skills, and attitudes should this advocate possess?

The Text Book: Ezell, M. (2001). Advocacy in the human services. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.
Chapter 9: Putting the Advocacy Pieces Together.
Chapter 10: Advocacy Skills, Challenges, and Practice Guidelines.

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