the shawshank redemption movie

Need Rough Draft by Wednesday, July 20’h l Due Thursday, JUIY 2Five pages minimum. Aim for six or seven. d
Format professionally (MLA style, 12 pt. font, double space
Cite any sources you use.
Must have a thesis.
Q: What is an analysis?
e arts
A: A rhetorical analysis is an essay that breaks a work into parts and then explains h’figethwrifiing
work together to create a certain effect, e.g. to persuade, entertain, inform. You Vj’t I
about how a rhetorical message-an advertisement, 0 mu5ic Video, short story, pOI ICO
cartoon, etc-makes their argument and whether their argument lS successful.
Purpose: the purpose of this assignment is to practice critical thinking-really honing in on one
thing (cartoon, poem, ad, etc.) and explaining it. You are breaking down the parts and
examining them on their own. and then discussing how the parts work together as a whole.
Depending on what medium you choose to analyze, you may have to compare and contrast its
rhetorical message to another of the same “type”-e.g. several political cartoons compared,
rather than just one.
What to analyze: On ecampus there is a folder of items you can choose from for your analysis.
You can do an analysis on something that you choose, but must run it b me first.
9 If you choose political cartoons, you should analyze at least two and up to four.
->If you choose a music video, you should analyze at least one. two maximum.
elf you choose a short story or poem, you should analyze at least one. two maximum.
If you choose a movie, you only analyze that one film (movies are limited to the list on
Some things to keep in mind:

0 An analysis is NOT your opinion on whether you like something: it’s evaluating how a
message is put together, and whether that message is effective. You can rhetorically
admire a message without agreeing with the ideology it stems from, and likewise you
can rhetorically dislike a message even if you do agree with its ideology.

Like the research paper, the analysis is more professional (formal, distant) in tone. You as
the author are less present in the piece. The use of first person (“l . . .”) isn‘t outright
banned, but it should only be used sparingly.

Do stay relevant to the prompt you are talking about. You should elaborate on the

Torontext or background of whatever VOU’re analyzing-but don’t stray too far off topic.

6? 90oi Of’CmClIYSIS is to enlighten your audience about a text-meaning yOU should
paint out things that are not ObVlOUS. Go out on a limb. Draw conclusions.
giigxgmpleli “This musicvideo is about domestic violence.”

xamp e. This mUSlC Video examines the ‘gray areas’ in abusive relationships.”
giigxgmple: “The Dark Knight is about Batman’s struggle with the Joker.”
amp e. The Dark Knight focuses on the duality of human nature.”

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