The threat of falling and failed states

The Threat of Failing and Failed StatesThe post 9/11 period has shifted international focus toward the threat posed by failing states, but why?

Using your readings from this week to support your answer, evaluate the statement that failed states pose a major threat to civilian populations and interstate stability?
Instructions: All three required posts should be supported by course readings using parenthetical references.

WEEK 3: Approaches to Peace: Individual Needs and Failed States
Reading & Resources

“Compassionate Presence: Faith-Based Peacebuilding in the Face of Violence” (Transcript available through closed captioning).

Biddle, Stephen, Jeffrey A. Friedman, and Jacob N. Shapiro. 2012. Testing the surge: why did violence decline in Iraq in 2007? International Security 37, no. 1: 7–40.

Jones, Seth G. 2008. The rise of Afghanistan’s insurgency: state failure and jihad. International Security 32, no. 4: 7-40.
Rotberg, Robert I. 2002. The new nature of nation-state failure. Washington Quarterly 25, no. 3: 85-96.
Woodhouse, Tom. 2010. Peacekeeping, peace culture and conflict resolution. International Peacekeeping 17, no. 4: 486-498.

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