Thinking during early childhood

complete a 3-5 page research paper (100 points) addressing a specified topic (list found below).The research paper must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines.
A minimum of three scholarly references must be utilized with the textbook being counted as one of these sources.
The 3-5 page length requirement, for the research paper, does not include the Title Page or Reference Page. The actual body of the research paper must be 3-5 pages in length.
Each student is to select one topic, for their research paper, from the following list;

Research Topic List

The Nature-Nurture Controversy
Theories of Human Development (Psychoanalytic Theory; Behaviorism; Cognitive Theory; Humanism; Evolutionary Theory)
Thinking During Early Childhood (Piaget’s Preoperational Thought; Vygotsky’s Social Learning; Children’s Theories)
Death and Dying

Research Paper Grading Rubric

Far Below Expectations
Approaches Expectations
Meets Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
Points Earned
Introduction (up to 10 pts)

Presents main points/summary of information in an organized and thorough manner

Identifies topics/issues be addressed
Engages the reader


Organization/Structure (up to 15 pts)

Flows well, using effective transitions and paragraph structure

Has a clear beginning, middle, and end

Content/Analysis (up to 50 pts)

Identifies and analyzes information in relation to course content

Demonstrates critical thinking at a level appropriate to this course
Explores/Analyzes/Evaluates/Synthesizes subject as expected and with sufficient depth

Uses text/readings/outside references appropriately

Conclusion (up to 10 pts)

Presents personal, educated opinion or related experience regarding the information presented.

Summarizes information clearly and accurately.

Writing Skills & APA Compliance (up to 15 pts)

Uses APA style formatting accurately, including title page, page numbering, and margins

References selected are appropriate (e.g., relevant, current)

NO plagiarism

Shows advanced writing skills – clear, concise, thorough, analytical, proper sentence structure

Uses appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, word-choice, appropriate length

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