Transnational leftist movements, specifically anarchism and Marxism in Algeria during the 19th and 20th centuries

Look at how anarchism and Marxism worked in Algeria and how European ideology moved from each France and Italy and Spain to Algeria. How did these transnational leftist movements affect a Muslim society.

Some chapters to include: history of anarchism and Marxism, include definition of the movements, history of movements in Europe, prominent figures (include sail Mohamed), how did these movements work in Algeria, what are other anticolonial movements (look at Messali’s movement), how did these movements work in other North African countries (any differences or similarities to Algeria?, look at Egypt and Morocco), how did these movements interact with Muslim societies, ie see as more of an anticolonial movement vs socialist movement?

Thesis concept : idea that Algerians used these movements differently than Europe and other North African countries. There is a distinct use of these movements in Algeria that was manipulated to create something different.

Books to look at:
Provincializing Europe by Charkrabarty
Eyes to the south: French anarchists in Algeria by David porter
The eastern Mediterranean and the making of global radicalism by iiham kauri-makdisi
History of French anarchist movement by David berry
Anarchism and syndicalism in the colonial and post colonial world by hirsch, Steven, and van dear Walt
Facing the enemy by Alexandre skirda
Social movements, mobilization, and contestation in the Middle East and North Africa edited by Joel beinen, Frederic vairel

Also, look at these movements during the Spanish civil war and Italy. See how it relates.

25% of the sources should be primary. The rest can be secondary. Look for newspapers as primary sources. Use French sources if you can find them.

I can provide additional books/sources as requested

Please use footnotes And attach a bibliography

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