Transportation (Design of a roundabout)

A. Important information about the roundabout being studied (1 page)
– Location
– Connecting highways
– Purpose of constructing the project
– Budget
– Start of operation (partial and full)
B. Problem/Reason why this has become an important topic (1 page)
C. Introduction of MAYA engineering (check LOI) (1 page)
– Objectives

The total pages under the introduction should be no more than 3 pages

For part A of the introduction please refer to the document i’ll attach titled “MAYA-Engineering-Inc-Report-updated.pdf” under section II part 2.3 Project overview. Feel free to also use the references listed at the bottom of the report for any further guidance.
A side note for the budget, you do not have to come up with a new one. Refer to budget that was used to design the existing roundabout.

For part B, use the reference below, it was a major part of the reason we decided to go with a redesign of the round about. Please free to look at other references in relation to this news article.

For part C, refer to the letter of interest document (LOI) which will also be attached below and also the PDF report titled “MAYA-Engineering-Inc-Report-updated.pdf”

The last section of the report i will working is the Conclusion which requires stating the
– Importance of roundabout (1/2 page max)
– And justifying why this roundabout is an integral part of the city of Windsor’s transportation system (1 page max)

To assist you with this section please refer to the letter of interest (LOI) and the report

The roundabout being discussed in this project is located in the city of Windsor, ON Canada. It con

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