What do you think about Atanarjua

Part One: One Full Page (275 words)

1-The article must be two hundred and seventy five words in length ( one full page ) and include a quote from the readings/screenings.

2-This is just a prompt to help guide you with your writing:-
You will have to answer these questions in your article.
What do you think about Atanarjuat? Some students in the past have found it really racist, but what does Raheja explain about the making of the film that explains how it is hard to pin the film down as racist? What is the point of the long takes in the film? What do you make of the way women are viewed in the film?

Remember to include a quote from the readings.

3- To do this assignment successfully, you will have to do the following:
a- WatchingAtanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Available in Amazon. Please rent the movie and I will pay these renting charges).

b- You will have to readMichelle H. Raheja’s “Visual Sovereignty, Revisions of Ethnography, and Atanarjuat.”( I will attach this reading in the material section )

c- Finally, you will have to write the article or the post in which you answer all the previous question in number 2. Also, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO USE AND INCLUDE A QOUTE FROM THE READING, THAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT.

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