why are people who don’t have celiac going gluten free?

why are people who dont have celiac going gluten free?
Please refer to the added files I sent with the rubric on it! Also please use reliable websites like mayo clinic and other doctors opinions

1. Your topic – why are people who don’t have celiac going gluten free?
2. Your research question- Why are some people, including celebrities choosing to not eat gluten even if they are not allergic to it? Is gluten ruining our bodies?
3. Your tentative thesis (which should be stated as a claim of fact, value, or policy)- Even here in this small community, you see a lot of different gluten free options, along with normal gluten options. Which way is the best way?
4. Your research plan or description of evidence (in other words, tell me what kinds of sources or evidence you think you’ll have to find in order to prove your claim)- I haven’t really had the chance to really dig deep for this research paper. But I am going to start reading different articles and factual based information from the Mayo Clinic website, plus also researching other doctors opinions on the matter.

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