Wk11_1 The effect of national culture on the choice of entry mode

The written summaries should be comprised (but not limited to) the following: 1 Brief synopsis of the purpose of study, research gap or argument of paper 2 How it fits with the larger literature, major theory or theories discussed 3 An explanation of the primary hypotheses/propositions and constructs in the paper 4 The methods and measurements used in the paper 5 The assumptions 6 The boundary conditions 7 Key findings and what you believe to be the one primary contribution of the study 8 Your assessment of strength/weaknesses of the study or arguments (critical review) 9 Unanswered questions that may provide fruitful venues for future research. Avoid the temptation to write volumes and focus instead on the most important factors at hand. In addition prepare two questions to address. .Also Provide 4 bullet points of the main Ideas…….Kindly highlight in yellow, the main points from the article I uploaded “The effect of national culture on the choice of entry mode” so I can compare the write up and what was highlighted from the article I upload.

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