Writer”Cyberbullying” by Jennifer Holladay, page 358.’s choice

To successfully complete your Unit 2 assignment, complete the following steps:

Examine the List of Approved Articles for Writing, and identify an article relevant to your life and goals. This article may pertain to your academic program and interests, your current or future career and goals, or one of your personal passions.
Read the article several times, taking careful notes on the article’s structure, concepts, and presentation of facts.
Record your reactions to the article’s points, noting how they make you feel and the specific connections you make to your own life and to the world around you.
Write your plan for your Summary and Response Essay. Include the following:
The author and title of your chosen article from the List of Approved Articles for Writing.
An outline of the article’s points and sub-points.
A list of 3–5 specific personal responses you have to the article’s points. Address how the author’s points make you feel and specific ways in which you connect the author’s ideas to your own life and to the world around you.

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