youth unemployment in the afro carribean community in london

This proposal should be written as if you are seeking funding or approval for your research project to go ahead. You need to include a brief summary of Aims, Objectives and Research Question(s) and background. This should be no longer than 300 words. You must also include the following components: Research Design This section is where you will give a description of overall design. This includes the overall approach, e.g. quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, anthropological, participatory. It is important to take time here and consider why you want to use your chosen design and methods and what difference they will make to the outputs and outcomes of the research. Methods: ? what method/s will you use? Will they include quantitative/qualitative? How might you incorporate new technology into your study? Are you going to use visual methods in any way? ? reasons for doing so – you will need to describe what they involve. Why one rather than another or a combination? Are you testing theory or theory building? What will your selected methods offer that is more appropriate than others? Consider the reliability and validity of your methods. Will you be able to generalise from your findings? Do you need to do so? How will you design your research instruments? ? coverage of material if survey or in depth interviews or groups? What will you want to talk to/ask people about and will this raise any problems? Consider any sensitivities and ethical concerns about the content of your proposed research. ? analysing documents and their function. If you intend to use documents (visual and text) give your reasons, how they will be used and again, consider any sensitivities or ethical concerns. Settings and selection of participants: ? where will you do your research? What implications will this have for you? Are there any safety concerns for participants and researchers and do you know you can use these settings? ? who will take part and why them? You need to be clear about who your participants will be and any concerns this raises. Give consideration to social and cultural diversity. ? what process of selection/sampling will you use? ? will this change over time, e.g. once in the setting? Explain what may affect your sampling or selection process. ? how will you gain access and what difficulties are envisaged? You may encounter access problems. Try and pre-empt them and discuss how you will deal with them if they arise. Data analysis: You need to include a brief description of how you will analyse the data you have collected. This will be dependent on the methods proposed and may include the use of computer software packages. Ethical issues: You need to include a discussion on ethical issues associated with your research, including: ? how will you gain consent and guarantee confidentiality? How can participating in research be meaningful, not harmful. ? sensitive topics – are you researching areas about which people may have particular sensitivity? How do you acknowledge and address these? Timescale and management: Try and be clear about different phases/stages of the research, what each includes (e.g. interim reports) and when they begin and end. Plan as if this research is going to happen and make sure it is realistic. Build in an Advisory Group if appropriate with meeting points related to where you are in the project as well as any provisos about change, e.g. due to field work problems you anticipate. Marking Criteria Research Proposal (40%) 2000 words ? Evidence of ability to think and write about the technical and intellectual aspects of research in an integrated way ? Coherent description of how the research instruments will be designed ? Evidence of understanding of sampling procedures ? Discussion of how data collection would occur for the whole project ? Discussion of data analysis approaches ? Appropriate consideration given to ethical issues ? Clarity of presentation and use of supporting evidence

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