Analyzing Gender Portrayal in the Television Show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Choose a television show, movie, or song to analyze for gender.

  • How are females, males, trans and non-binary individuals portrayed?
  • What gender roles, norms and stereotypes do you see present? (If none, how does your movie/show/song try to transcend these norms?)
  • What types of messages does your chosen movie, television show or song promote regarding gender?
  • Review this resource on outdated gender roles present in movies as it may help
    you in your analysis:
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Sample Answer

Title: Analyzing Gender Portrayal in the Television Show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

In this analysis, we will explore the portrayal of gender in the popular television show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” By examining the characters and their representation, we will delve into the gender roles, norms, and stereotypes present in the show. Additionally, we will assess the messages the show promotes regarding gender, considering its attempt to transcend traditional norms.

Portrayal of Females, Males, Trans, and Non-binary Individuals:
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” offers a diverse range of characters, each bringing their unique perspectives on gender.

Females: Characters like Captain Raymond Holt and Rosa Diaz challenge traditional gender expectations by occupying positions of authority and displaying assertiveness typically associated with masculinity.
Males: Characters like Detective Jake Peralta and Terry Jeffords exhibit a range of masculine traits but also display vulnerability and emotional intelligence, challenging stereotypes surrounding male behavior.
Trans and Non-binary Individuals: The show includes a transgender character, Detective Rosa Diaz, played by a trans actress, Stephanie Beatriz. Rosa’s portrayal reflects her complex identity as a strong and independent individual, contributing to increased visibility and representation for trans characters.

Gender Roles, Norms, and Stereotypes:
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actively works to transcend traditional gender norms and stereotypes through its comedic approach. The show often subverts expectations by presenting characters who defy typical gender roles.

Amy Santiago challenges the stereotype of women being overly competitive by showcasing her ambitious nature while still maintaining her femininity.
Terry Jeffords defies expectations of hypermasculinity by embracing his nurturing side as a loving father and showing emotional vulnerability.
The character of Charles Boyle challenges traditional male beauty standards by embracing his quirkiness and embracing his unapologetic enthusiasm for food.

Messages Regarding Gender:
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” promotes progressive messages surrounding gender by challenging outdated norms and encouraging inclusivity.

The show emphasizes that strength can manifest in various ways, irrespective of gender, highlighting the importance of breaking free from limiting stereotypes.
It celebrates diverse identities, such as the inclusion of a transgender character played by a trans actress, showcasing the importance of authentic representation.
Through humor and lightheartedness, the show encourages viewers to question societal expectations and embrace individuality in terms of gender expression.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a television show that actively challenges traditional gender roles, norms, and stereotypes. By presenting a diverse range of characters who break free from these constraints, the show promotes inclusivity and encourages viewers to question and transcend societal expectations. Through its progressive messaging and authentic representation, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” contributes positively to the ongoing dialogue surrounding gender in popular media.





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