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Branded posts are owned media with no advertising costs to you whereas ads on social media platforms are paid media, such as pay-per-click or sponsored posts, which have a cost. For this assignment, focus on branded posts and select two different social media platforms to construct a specific branded post for each. What is the user persona for your venture in the context of social media? Keep your user persona and SM target audience in mind when crafting these branded posts. Next, complete a media plan for each, to include choosing the media mix and creating a schedule for postings.

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Sample Answer


Branded Post on Instagram:

User Persona: Young, fashion-conscious individuals aged 18-30 who are interested in sustainable fashion and are socially conscious.

Branded Post: Instagram Branded Post

Caption: “Introducing our new sustainable fashion line! 🌿 Made from eco-friendly materials, our collection combines style and sustainability. Join the movement towards a greener future. #SustainableFashion #GoGreen”

Media Plan for Instagram:

Media Mix:

Branded Posts with high-quality images showcasing the sustainable fashion line.
Instagram Stories featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the design process and interviews with eco-conscious influencers.
Instagram Live sessions answering questions about sustainability in fashion and promoting the brand’s commitment to ethical practices.
Posting Schedule:

Regular posts: 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at 10 am.
Instagram Stories: Daily updates showcasing new products, styling tips, and customer testimonials.
Instagram Live sessions: Once a month on a designated day and time to engage with followers and address sustainability-related topics.
Branded Post on LinkedIn:

User Persona: Professionals in the finance industry, specifically mid-level managers and executives, who are interested in personal finance and investment strategies.

Branded Post: LinkedIn Branded Post

Caption: “Achieve your financial goals with our expert investment advice. Our team of seasoned professionals will guide you towards financial success. Connect with us today to start your journey towards a secure future. #FinancialPlanning #InvestmentStrategies”

Media Plan for LinkedIn:

Media Mix:

Branded Posts with professional visuals showcasing the team’s expertise and success stories.
LinkedIn Articles providing in-depth insights on various investment strategies and tips for financial planning.
LinkedIn Live sessions featuring Q&A sessions with industry experts and thought leaders.
Posting Schedule:

Regular posts: Twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday) at 9 am.
LinkedIn Articles: Once a month, published on the first Monday of the month at 12 pm.
LinkedIn Live sessions: Bi-monthly, scheduled on a specific day and time to allow professionals to engage and ask questions in real-time.
By tailoring the branded posts to the user persona and social media platforms, the business can effectively reach its target audience, create engagement, and establish a strong online presence. The media plans ensure regular and consistent content delivery, utilizing a mix of posts, stories, articles, and live sessions to maintain audience interest and provide valuable information related to their interests.


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